Released in 1981 by Secret Records, Punks Not Dead sees The Exploited rejecting such fashionable trends as new wave and post-punk and instead focusing on the original inclinations of the early punk movement. A chaotic album with jagged musicianship and songwriting, Punks Not Dead is the formidable launch of the second generation of UK punk. 

The Exploited - Punks Not Dead

  • 1. Punks Not Dead
    2. Mucky Pup
    3. Cop Cars
    4. Free Flight
    5. Army Life (Part 2)
    6. Blown To Bits
    7. Sex & Violence
    8. SPG
    9. Royalty
    10. Dole Q
    11. Exploited Barmy Army
    12. Ripper
    13. Out Of Control
    14. Son Of A Copper
    15. I Believe In Anarchy

  • Standard Issue 150-Gram Black Vinyl