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Q: How fast do you ship after I buy something?

A: Most orders typically ship the next business day. If that day is a holiday it will be the next available day. If there is any reason your order is going to be delayed you will be notified.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?
A: Right now the site is set for major credit cards. In store I can accept Credit Cards and other payment options like CashApp, Venmo, Cryptocurrency and CASH because cash is KING. Those other forms of payment can be done at the store, through email or over the phone. Contact me for me details.

Q: How do you ship?
A: All orders are shipped US Mail (USPS) either First Class, Priority, or Media Mail. Unless another shipping method is requested.

Q: Do you ship internationally?
A: Yes. Everything on the site can be shipped international. I do not take VAT/Import tax so you will have to check with your country about if or what you will owe when the package arrives.

Q: Do you accept returns?
A: Yes as long as the item is not damaged. New music can not be opened. Clothing must still have tags. You must contact us within 30 day of delivery to arrange a return

Q: Do you have gift cards?

A: I have gift certificates in store, not gift cards for online

Q: Are you hiring?

A: Not at this time. This is a small operation and I don't need any help.

Q: Will you sell my band's music?

A: Yes, reach out to me in an email or come by the shop and talk to me about it

Q: Can I sell my (art, clothing, jewelry, etc) in your store?

A: Maybe, I am always interested in meeting new artists and helping them. Do you make art? Clothing? Jewelry? If you think it would fit in my store email me (please include pictures) or stop by and talk to me about it, don't forget to bring some samples of your work

Q: Do you by records? clothing?

A: Yes, bring them in and we can talk about a price. BUT know that I do not buy everything. If you have been to the store you should have an idea of what I am looking for. Punk, Metal, Alternative, Goth, Rockabilly, Reggae and similar styles. Go HERE for more information

Q: Do you sell bongs/pipes/bowls?

A: NO!!! I am not a head shop asshole, stop asking. You can buy that shit almost anywhere these days. I have lighters, candles and incense, that's it. No secret stash behind the counter, go somewhere else narc.

These are actual questions I have been asked in the store, not a joke, but they are fucking funny

Q: Aren't you a dry cleaner?
A: NO!!! This was actually asked by a woman who walked in with a bunch of clothing (more then once)

Q: Do you have an air pump?

A: NO!!! Asked by a guy holding a bicycle tire, I don't know what made him think that.

Q: Can I order food?
A: NO!!! Asked by a woman outside while I was unlocking the door in the morning

Q: Is this a devil store?

A: YES!!! Satanic masses are every fifth Friday at midnight. Must bring a snack for the pot luck after 

Q: Do you do tattoos?
A: NO!!! but I will draw a bad unicorn on you for a dollar with a sharpie marker.

Q: Where are the fishing supplies?
A: NO!!! I really don't even know what gave the guy this idea. He looked about as confused as I felt trying to understand his question.

Q: Do you sell guns?
A: NO!!! I can't stress this enough. I don't sell guns or live ammo. DON'T ASK!!!

Q: What's in the basement?
A: What basement? If you don't know the super secret code word I can't tell you about the way to Candy Mountain

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