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Richie Riot

Founder and owner of Rock N' Roll Knife Fight™

I was born in Texas and grew up in the suburbs of Philly (Delaware County). I wasn't your average suburban kid in the 70's and 80's. I grew up with a passion for music, art, skateboarding, horror movies and dungeons & dragons.

I have taken my years of experience in printing and graphic design dating back to 1988. As well as my background working with bands as a roadie, tour manager, driver and merch guy to make RRKF what it is. Not only do I take from my experience with bands and printing but I have lived the whole punk DIY ethic since I was a kid. Making my own clothes because companies like Hot Topic were not even a thing yet. Now I am taking that 40+ years of experience and passing it on to the next generation.

Always feel free to come up to me at an event or stop by the shop and say hello. I love meeting people. This is more then just a business, it's my life and who I am 24/7.

 - Richie Riot

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