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Rock N' Roll Knife Fight is currently a Record Store Day participant and I will do my best to get titles that reflect the vibe of the store. They will include obviously punk & metal, but I do look for similar genres like rockabilly, goth/industrial, reggae, new wave, soundtracks, and anything else that I feel fits. If you follow my socials or have been to the store then you have an idea of what I sell.


When the list comes out I start ordering and eventually will post a list of what I requested on Facebook. If you are looking to get something for RSD you can ask me to order it but there are no guarantees I will get it. I don't even know what I am getting till a few days before RSD when I get my final invoice from the distributor and the order is shipped.

Now about the day of...


  • I will open an hour earlier then usual, 11am instead of Noon.

  • I will not hold items, first come first serve

  • All the RSD titles will be on a separate table

  • I will also have a bin of previous RSD titles (same table)

  • Limit of 3 records per customer and only 1 of each title

  • Once you have picked your records, move on so others can browse

    I will close the store and throw everyone out

  • Masks & Vax cards are not required, but that could change any day. I will try to announce that if it happens.

If you would like me to give out some stuff for you on RSD just contact me at

This could be stuff like...

  • Stickers

  • Buttons

  • Patches

  • CD's, tapes, or records

  • Show flyers

  • Posters

  • get creative

If you have any questions just call the shop or drop me an email.

For the current date of RSD and the list visit the official RSD website.

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