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Rock N' Roll Knife Fight was officially founded in 2013 by me (Richie Riot) but has been an ever evolving company with a few different names since around 2005.

Originally the intention was screenprinted designs under the name Riot Gear Clothing. Then as I
began to add new skills and products like bullet belts & jewelry the name evolved into Riot Gear Manufacturing. Eventually with the addition of a few well known brand names being added to the catalog of merchandise I decided that Riot Gear would now become the brand name for my original pieces. That is how the name Rock N' Roll Knife Fight was born.

The idea for the name just kind of happened while I was playing with some logo ideas. Since at the time I was selling knives as well as music themed merchandise it just happened. I incorporated the gas mask from Riot Gear Clothing™ to pay homage to the original company then added the crossed switchblades that I had just drawn the day before. Now RRKF is the store and I still use Riot Gear Manufacturing as a brand name for the products that I personally make.I told a friend the idea for the name and he agreed that it was perfect. Since then I have invested a lot of blood, sweat and tears into this company.

I am still evolving and working on new ideas but the name will always be Rock N' Roll Knife Fight. If any new projects come to fruition they will be brands or subsidiaries of the parent company.

In early part of 2020 I moved RRKF into a new home to establish a real world presence to go with my online store.

This is a labor of love for me. I grew up loving music and alt style since I was a child the 70's & 80's. I still listen to the same music and live the life full time.

Born a rocker, die a rocker


- Richie Riot

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