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Using Staples

Supplies Needed:

  • A Basic Stapler

  • Something to staple to your project

  • Something to staple on

This is just a simple tip I got from my friend Roger a long time ago. In a rush? Don't have time to sew that patch or repair those pants or that skirt? Just use a stapler for a quick and dirty repair. This is not in any way a permanent fix but it will hold for a little while.

I used this on a shirt that I was working on with my friend Roger from the band Trashlight Vision he wanted to wear while filming their Black Apples music video.

If you will reference the photos to the left you can see that the shirt is grey. We added the black collar by stapling fabric on the existing collar. Then we colored the edge with silver Sharpie to hide the staples and give it some more detail.

We also stapled the Riot Gear Clothing patch on the pocket. The print of the person climbing the shirt was screen printed, that's for another tutorial.

You can also use this tip to quickly hem a skirt or fix a rip. A friend told me about an incident at a show where the front of her shirt ripped open so she asked the bartender to borrow a stapler. After a few fast staples it was repaired enough to last the night.

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