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Lie: The Love and Terror Cult is the debut studio album by American musician and convicted murderer Charles Manson. It was released on vinyl on March 6, 1970, by Phil Kaufman, through a record label branded Awareness Records. Although not a commercial success, it retains a following among those interested in the Manson case, inspiring many cover versions and samples. The album includes some of Manson's best known songs, including "Look at Your Game, Girl" and "Cease to Exist" (the latter had been recorded by the Beach Boys as "Never Learn Not to Love").

The cover is a parody of the December 19, 1969, Life magazine cover, which featured Manson along with the headline "The Love and Terror Cult". The two covers are mostly identical; however, the "F" in "LIFE" has been deleted and the line "The dark edge of hippie life" has been removed.

Reissued by Punk N Boots records from Mexico in 2021

Charles Manson - LIE: The Love and Terror Cult [CD]

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  • Track list:
    01. Look at Your Game, Girl (2:03)
    02. Ego (2:27)
    03. Mechanical Man (3:18)
    04. People Say I'm No Good (3:20)
    05. Home Is Where You're Happy (1:29)
    06. Arkansas (3:03)
    07. I'll Never Say Never to Always (0:41)
    08. Garbage Dump (2:34)
    09. Don't Do Anything Illegal (2:52)
    10. Sick City (1:36)
    11. Cease to Exist (2:12)
    12. Big Iron Door (1:10)
    13. I Once Knew a Man (2:33)
    14. Eyes of a Dreamer (2:35)

  • Charles Manson: lead vocals, rhythm guitar, tympani
    Bobby Beausoleil: electric guitar
    Steve "Clem" Grogan: electric bass
    Paul Watkins: French horn
    Catherine Share: violin, backup vocals
    Dianne Lake: recorder
    Mary Brunner: flute, vocals on Track 4
    Nancy Pitman: vocals on Track 6
    Sandra Good, Lynette Fromme, Nancy Pitman: backup vocals
    Producer – Phil Kaufman

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