These are extensions that can be added to you belt to make it longer. These will fit with any belt that uses .223 (or 5.56mm) bullets.



1.75 inches - 4 bullets/links
4 inches - 9 bullets/links
8 inches - 18 bullets/links

If you need something larger then contact me about a custom size


I have made thousands of these belts since 2005
and in that time I have sold them to Movie Studios, Musicians, Historical Reenactors, Museums, Airsofters and military veterans for their personal collections.
In that time I have never once had a complaint. If you are unhappy with your belt just contact me to arrange an exchange or refund.


Please read everything

- I will ship this in a box that will be labeled "INERT COSTUME BELT"
- This will be shipped US Postal Service Priority Mail, due to the weight of the belt I can not ship this First Class or Air Mail
- You will get a tracking number when the shipping label is created
- Please make sure that this item is allowed in your country
- I am not responsible if it is seized by customs and will not offer refunds for seized packages

***In the event that a belt is returned to me by Customs I will issue a refund for the price of the belt but NOT for the shipping cost. Because the cost of shipping this item internationally can be as much if not more then the belt (average shipping cost is about $35-50 USD), that is why I highly recommend you check that this will not be a problem.

m16 Bullet Belt (Extensions)

  • Bullets are brass with copper tips
    Links are steel

  • If you are not happy with your order I will accept a return. Please contact me before sending it back. Many times the problem is size and that can be solved with a simple extention to the belt.