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The Misfits - Walk Among Us (Lost Plan 9 Version)
This is the version that never was,don't know how it leaked but it did!This sounds completely different(Better/Raw) never released officially anywhere,not even the boxset.Some of these sound different vocally,what i mean is on devils whorehouse he sings his part and there is another verse underneath(i know i sound insane,but you will understand)


This is the version of Walk Among Us which was due to be released in 1981 on Plan 9 records. However the Misfits signed to Slash / Ruby records andthe album was put back until 1982. In that time 3 songs were dropped, new songs taking their place and everything was re-recorded. This is as close as we can get it to how the album would have sounded if released in 1981.

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The Misfits - Walk Among Us (Lost Plan 9 Version) [CD]

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  • Tracklist:
    1.20 eyes
    2.i turned into a martian
    3.astro zombies
    5.all hell breaks loose a go go
    7.devil whorehouse(Double vocals)
    8.night of the living dead
    10.violent world
    11.horror hotel
    12.ghouls night out
    13.american nightmare

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